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About Trip

London, England - 2018

Nine students, 1 professor, and just over 3500 miles separating home and abroad. London, England set the scene for the trip of a lifetime led by none other than Dr. Engle - the top rated candy crush player in the world.

The Tudors.

The “Study” aspect of the trip was comprised of the monarchy of England with roots beginning at the Battle of Bosworth, August 22, 1485. Here, Tudor reign began.

King Henry VII played an extremely strategic role in his acquisition of power. He let the Lancasters and the Yorks, who had been fighting each other for English rule, fight until they were both weekened and then made his move into Bosworth and conquered. Although King Henry VII was arguably the most influential Tudor of the reign, history seems to have a larger story to tell about King Henry VIII, who had one singular job - to produce a son to take the throne after his death. This was a difficult task for Henry as his life consisted of 6 times more wives than it did sons.

Their Timeline.

  • King Henry VII: 1485 - 1509
  • King Henry VIII: 1509 - 1547
  • King Edward VI: 1547 - 1553
  • Lady Jane Grey: 1553
  • Queen (Bloody) Mary I: 1553 - 1558
  • Queen Elizabeth I 1558 - 1603

Similary, he decided to behead twice as many wives as he produced sons. The only son he did produce, was quite a bloody wanker. King Edward VI took the throne at age 9 and once he was of age, he decided to behead the man that had been like a father to him since his fathers death. Karma got the best of Edward and took his life as well after only 6 years on the throne and no children to show for it. Lady Jane Grey spent a whopping nine days on the throne before being beheaded. Edward VI and Lady Jane Grey had sparked a movement towards protestantism that came to a literal bloody hault as Queen Mary took the throne following Lady Jane Grey's death and put the country back on the track of catholicism. Upon her death five years later, Queen Elizabeth took the middle ground between the two movements and spend the next 50 years piecing England back together after the rocky leadership and religious conflict of the previous decade.

The Days

London, Englad - 2018